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Data revealed about the Social Media users in the Middle East

A recent study was conducted to explore the digital impacts on the Arab society; data shows how much Arab people use social media, and their activities on different social media channels: – Instagram is the most popular social media channel used among Qataris; and the city of Doha is the biggest selfie-taking location in the […]

توقف غوغل خدمة جوجل اجابات في آب ٢٠١٤

في 23 حزيران 2014 تحولت غوغل إيجابات للقراءة فقط، لتصبح جميع الأسئلة والأجوبة متوفرة من أجل البحث والتصفح، دون أن يتاح للمستخدم بأداء نشاطات كتابية أو طرح أسئلة والإجابة عنها. ويمكن للمستخدمين الحصول على بياناتهم من خلال Google Takeout ومن هنا ينشؤون أرشيف لأسئلتهم وألأجوبة. تم إبتكار تصميم غوغل لأنه لم يكن هناك القدر الكافي […]

Creative ADvantage Campaigns on Ramadan

Just like all Holidays, Ramadan has also become a season for shopping, so marketers need to be more aware of the commodities they are selling, in order to take advantage of this season! Iconic Symbols Related To Ramadan   The Crescent Moon The Christians have the cross, the Jews have the star of David, and […]

2014 FIFA World Cup Brazil on Social Media

Scores, injuries, losing or winning, unexpected and surprising results…. It all belongs to the field of World Cup 2014, which sparked people’s emotions who they will probably be either shouting in front of the TV screens or expressing their opinions on social media. Not to forget that the World Cup involves the entire world, Facebook […]

How to get new followers on Twitter, Facebook & G+

How can we realize that a person is active on Twitter, Facebook, Google+ and LinkedIn ?! It is so simple, not by the quantity of his tweets or status updates, it is just by the number of followers. Despite the vanity of getting more followers, having a huge number of them means that your message […]

10 Simple Rules from Internet Marketing of How to use Hashtags

After the upgraded use of Twitter and Facebook, finding topics has been easier with Hashtags. And so Hashtags are impossible to avoid, in order to get your thoughts connect more with others. It started with Twitter six years before Facebook, and everyone is using hashtags nowadays some use it more than others. Hashtagging is now […]