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Nowadays, every business and every company, regardless of its main business occupation, turn to Internet in order to bring additional revenue and customers to their business.  It’s not a matter of being an online business; everyone is online today, your customers are online, and so you should be.

It’s not a secret that Internet Marketing is a powerful tool that can really help businesses increase profitability, but how to do it is a secret or a key to successful marketing.

Having a website is not online marketing, having a facebook page is not also an online marketing Internet Marketing goes further than these 2 little things.  Of course, you must use complex Internet marketing map to your online actions. Implementing step by step Internet Marketing will raise the efficiency of your business and it will allow your company to increase sales.

In the same way using Internet marketing research tool you can promote brands in the market, attract customers, conduct market research and a lot of other functionality that all other things being equal, would require a large offline resources.

In the tree below, we can see that the website of your business is at the core of your online marketing efforts. However, before having a website, you should have undergone the Research, Strategy, Branding and Content phases.

Then after that, you go into the design and development phase; followed by Search Engine Marketing, Social Media Marketing, Public relations, Online Advertising, Email Marketing, Directories Listings.


Permission marketing:

Permission marketing effectively promotes products and services.  It is communicating to customers who are interested and/or searching for what you are offering.  It is the opposite of interruption marketing or traditional advertising, which needs attention to deliver your messages to potential customers.

Permission marketing is cost efficient because you do not spend for potential customers if he or she does not show interest to what you are offering.

It is done through opt-in email or search engines.  You send details, communications or newsletters to interested customers.  There is no need to hunt them because they have a want for your products and they are giving you the permission to send them your offers and details of your products and services.

Permission marketing is one of the effective strategies when you do internet marketing for your business.  Whether you operate online or in brick and mortar store, internet marketing and permission marketing will be beneficial for your business.

Traditional marketing strategies done through television, radio, newspaper and billboards used to effectively market your products and services.  Thus, up to now, large enterprises continue to spend their millions in this marketing media.  However, in today’s business environment where time is so limited, people do not have the patience for it anymore.  Thus, traditional marketing is now known as interruption marketing.

The effectiveness of these marketing strategies continues to decline while the costs continue to go up.  Because companies have spent millions of dollars in traditional marketing, they chase their losses by doing more advertising hoping that the results would change.

However, as discussed in an article published on July 27, 2012, traditional marketing strategies interrupts valuable time for consumers.  It also has limited access to potential customers and that the internet is the best medium for product promotions.

In the article entitled, The Catch-22 of Traditional Marketing”, it discussed the downward spiral of traditional marketing.  The downward spiral of traditional marketing is coming from the “high cost of traditional media ad buys” going down stiff into the “more expensive, less effective marketing”.

It is also discussed how the idea of permission marketing have been written thirteen years ago but is more effective and helpful in businesses of today.

Now, because permission marketing is your best bet in promoting your products and services and because of the wide coverage of your promotional efforts in the World Wide Web, you will need to seriously consider internet marketing for your business.

To help you understand how internet marketing can rival traditional marketing, below are the internet marketing strategies which you may consider for your business.


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